From space exploration to robotics, from ecological engineering to chronic diseases, UM researchers are inventing solutions for tomorrow, for the benefit of mankind and its environment.

Dynamic research, conducted in close collaboration with research organisations and benefiting from high-level technological platforms to meet the needs of 21st century society.

The UM is committed to promoting cutting-edge research by forging close links with the region's industries, particularly in the biomedical and new technology sectors.

The University of Montpellier has adopted General Terms and Conditions of Sale for research services (GTC), with the dual aim of simplifying and securing the procedures for contracting these services.

The UM is committed to responsible conduct in research with a few emblematic actions: a policy on open science with the HAL portal, a charter for signing scientific publications, a charter on scientific integrity and more recently the implementation of the Nagoya protocol in research projects.

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Doctoral students of whom 31% under UM contract

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