Geosciences Montpellier (GM)

Géosciences Montpellier is a multidisciplinary research unit, drawing on a wide range of skills and expertise to develop new knowledge on geodynamics, the environment and georesources. Its activities are divided into 6 thematic areas:

  • Deformation: deformation processes and the effects of deformation on Earth's dynamics at all temporal and spatial scales;
  • Transfers and couplings: controls on the physical and chemical couplings between the Earth's different envelopes on its structure, composition and evolution;
  • Early Earth: relationships between the evolution of Earth's dynamics, notably the initiation of plate tectonics, and its habitability;
  • Hazards: processes and systems that generate geological hazards: earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, surface instabilities, coastal erosion and flooding;
  • Hydrosystems: the role of water in the dynamics and processes of surface and subsurface hydrosystems;
  • Resources: Mineral, fluid and energy resources, for rational use in the context of energy transition and the fight against global warming.

Label: Unité Mixte de Research (UMR)
Main supervisors: CNRS, UM
Secondary supervisors:
Research cluster: Agriculture, Environment, Biodiversity - AEB
Doctoral school
: Biodiversity, Agriculture, Food, Environment, Land, Water


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