Max Mousseron Biomolecules Institute (IBMM)

IBMM develops research on biomolecules (lipids, sugars, proteins and DNA/RNA), which represent the basic building blocks of living organisms. This research, at the interface of chemistry and biology, contributes to a better understanding of physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms, as well as to the development of innovative tools for healthcare: new, more effective treatments (cancers, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases), new medical devices, new cosmetological approaches and new diagnostic systems.

The expertise of IBMM teams covers :

  • design by molecular modeling and synthesis of biomolecules and derivatives using more efficient, environmentally-friendly methods;
  • the development of analytical methods for the characterization of biomolecules and their analysis in biological media;
  • in vitro pharmacological, toxicological and biological studies of these biomolecules to validate their properties and select the most promising for development into new therapeutic and diagnostic systems and devices;
  • IBMM's expertise makes it a unique laboratory for the valorization of its research, which has led to the marketing of two drugs (Macrilen, Sébivo) and the creation of several companies.

Immersion at IBMM offers a unique training program for students wishing to meet the challenges of the living world.

Label: Unité Mixte de Research (UMR)
Main supervisory bodies: CNRS, UM, ENSCM
Research division: Chemistry
Doctoral schools
: Chemical Sciences BALARD; Chemical and Biological Sciences for Health
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