Faculty of Physical and Sports Sciences and Techniques (STAPS)

General presentation

Founded in 1978, the UFR STAPS is now one of the largest sports faculties in France (around 2,400 students, over 600 of whom are in their first year). It offers a wide range of courses: 4 Bachelor's degree specialties, 5 specialties and 11 Master's degree courses.

One of the special features of the UFR STAPS is that it has retained its sports specialties. This means that every student has a dual specialization: professional and sporting.

Manager: Angèle Chopard

Managing Director: Pascal Mandelbaum

Assistant Administrative Manager: Delphine Lambert

Key figures

  • 2,400 students
  • 70 teaching and research staff
  • 133 guest speakers
  • 38 administrative staff


The UFR STAPS prepares students for all professions related to sport and physical activity, such as trainer, sports teacher, sports equipment designer, sports tourism professional, etc.

The courses offered by the UFR STAPS lead to Bachelor's, Master's and University Diplomas. Sports activities play a key role in these courses, but scientific and theoretical subjects account for 70% of the curriculum.

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