Faculty of Dentistry

General presentation

The UFR Odontologie prepares future dental surgeons, teacher-researchers and hospital practitioners.
In 1965, all the teaching and research departments of the UFR Odontologie and the Odontology Department of the Montpellier University Hospital constituted the Centre de Soins, d'Enseignement et de Recherches Dentaires (Dental Care, Teaching and Research Centre) under Decree no. 65-804.
The UFR Odontologie provides both initial and continuing training for all dental professionals.

Manager: Jean Valcarcel
Administrative Manager: Karim Mekhneche

Key figures

  • 586 students
  • 66 teacher-researchers, including :
    • 9 university professors, hospital practitioners
    • 26 university lecturers, hospital practitioners
    • 25 university hospital assistants
    • 15 lecturers
    • 19 hospital attachés
    • 3 PRAG
    • 1 university lecturer
  • 2 associate assistants
  • 20 IATS staff


The UFR Odontologie makes the skills and know-how of its teaching staff and its facilities available to students and practitioners for the following degrees:

  • General Training Diploma in Deontological Sciences
  • Diplôme de Formation Approfondie en Sciences Odontologiques (Advanced Training Diploma in Dental Sciences)
  • Certificate in Clinical and Therapeutic Synthesis
  • Diploma of Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • Certificats d'Études Supérieures (Biomaterials - Surgical Odontology - Periodontology - Prosthetic Odontology - Oral Biology)
  • University diplomas (Restorative and Aesthetic Odontology - Clinical Implantology - Advanced Pediatric Odontology and Sedation - Hyaluronic Acid Injection - Legal Odontology - Assessment of Bodily Injury Applied to Odontology - Multidisciplinary Implantology Clinic - Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing)
  • Attestations Universitaires d'Approfondissement Clinique (Implantologie Orale - Chirurgie Orale - Parodontologie - Odontologie Pédiatrique - Prothèses-Odontologie Conservatrice - Orthodontie - Occlusodontie)
  • Habilitation to supervise research (HDR)

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