"iTALKs" the UM student eloquence contest

  • Category: Public speaking workshop feedback
  • Dates : March 26, 2024
  • Opening hours : A 19h30
  • Location: Richter Campus, Maison des étudiants Aimé Schœnig - Rue Vendémiaire, Montpellier

The UM's eloquence contest is iTALKs!

26 of them will take to the stage to present the fruits of their labor in 5-minute sketches.

Who? UM students who took part in iTALKs public speaking workshop, under the guidance of Anne-Sophie Leyre, actor-trainer with Compagnie de l'Astrolabe, and Sarah Fourage, playwright and writer.

Drama courses and writing workshops prepared them to take to the stage for this eloquence contest. They learned how to construct a narrative, set their voice, manage their body language and, above all, manage their stress!
Everyone has their own style: poetic, committed or quirky, and they're ready to interpret their journey, their questions or their passions.

The evening's highlights include the awarding of 3 prizes:

  • the jury's grand prize ;
  • the jury's favorite ;
  • the Audience Award.

A festive evening proving that (dreaded) public speaking can be a source of pleasure.
A convivial moment will close the event.

Registration deadline: Friday, March 22

iTALKs is an event financed by the CVEC (Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus) and proposed by the UM Student Life Department.

For any questions concerning the accessibility of the event, please contact the Handiversité department.

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