The UM takes part in the ACADISCRI survey on discrimination

UM students and staff are invited to take part in the Acadiscri scientific research survey. This is the first nationwide initiative of its kind in France, focusing on the main grounds for discrimination experienced within higher education and research establishments. The data collected will be used exclusively for scientific purposes. Join us in advancing equality at the University of Montpellier. 

The University of Montpellier is taking part in the Acadiscri survey, a research initiative designed to document discrimination in higher education and research. The results will be used to adapt policies and responses to discrimination issues. This survey gives us the opportunity to make progress in our ongoing commitment to fight against all forms of discrimination. It is aimed at students and staff alike. Your contribution is essential to bring this initiative to life and make it meaningful. Six universities have already successfully participated in this survey. Now it's our turn!

Whether or not you have experienced discrimination, your response will provide a unique perspective and help promote lasting change. Your point of view will enable the research team to better understand discriminatory processes and their social characteristics. It is also through your responses that we will shape a more inclusive and egalitarian future that benefits everyone at the University of Montpellier.

Join the ranks of those who have already successfully contributed to this survey and help us advance our shared commitment to fighting all forms of discrimination. Twenty minutes is all it takes to complete the survey, and it's even possible to complete it in instalments via the fast-track procedure indicated below.

The survey is completely anonymous: at no time will the UM be aware of individual responses, only aggregate ones. The data collected will only be used for research purposes, and will be destroyed within two months of the questionnaires being collected.

Acadiscri survey, how to respond?

Mail reception

In the e-mail you will find the link to the survey questionnaire.

It will be sent to you :

  • March 21 ;
  • on your university address ;
  • by the address : rf.le1713336868ffie-1713336868vinu@1713336868ircsi1713336868dacae1713336868riann1713336868oitse1713336868uq1713336868.

Complete the questionnaire

Just click on the link in the e-mail.

The questionnaire :

  • lasts 20 minutes on average;
  • can be completed in instalments (see next point).

Resume your questionnaire

To complete your questionnaire in instalments, you will need :

  • check the box to activate multi-completion;
  • create a password to reconnect to your questionnaire.

What about your answers?

  • the anonymity of responses is guaranteed;
  • data will only be used for research purposes;
  • They will be used to take stock of the current situation and build tomorrow's actions.