Against LGBTI discrimination: the UM makes a commitment

LGBTI* discrimination? They deserve a good pair of GIFs. With this in mind, the University of Montpellier organized the "UM Anime" contest, a national competition for students to create animated GIFs and short films. 

A national competition

Named "UM Anime", the competition was aimed at students under the age of 26 throughout France. They had until March 1, 2018 to submit one or more creations of short films and animated GIFs. The idea: demonstrate their creativity to illustrate in a few images their vision of the fight against LGBTI discrimination, and try to win prizes ranging from 400 to 600 euros. Two of these prizes were reserved for students from the University of Montpellier and the MUSE I-SITE.

An active policy to combat LGBTI discrimination

Organized with the support of the interministerial delegation for the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTI hatred (DILCRAH) but also the associations Angel, Autre Cercle, Chemin des cimes, Le Refuge and SOS Homophobie, this action marks the UM's strong commitment against homophobia. This commitment is part of an active policy to combat discrimination linked to sexual orientation and identity.
Since 2016, the University of Montpellier has been a signatory to the lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender commitment charter of the Autre Cercle association. It was the first French university to adopt this text, which focuses on four major objectives: creating an inclusive environment for LGBTI staff, ensuring equal rights and treatment, supporting staff who are victims of discrimination, measuring progress and sharing best practices.

* LGBTI: referring to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex community.

The winners

1st prize animated GIF (UM -MUSE)
Carolina Collado - Gonzalez from ENSAM for Toujours pareil


Click on the image to animate it.

1st prize short film (UM-MUSE)
Tamara Yehouessi from UM for Out

1st prize animated GIF (excluding UM -MUSE)
Claire Casalini - Astier in BTS at Lycée René Goscinny DRAP for Normality


Click on the image to animate it.

1st prize short film (outside UM-MUSE)
Lucie Pradeau from the Ecole des métiers du cinéma d'animation (EMCA) for Sucré-Salé