Registration, a key moment for students

Registration opens in early July. Nearly 52,000 students will be joining the University of Montpellier.

For many students, registration is now online. Their aim: to enroll in one of the 600 courses on offer. The University of Montpellier has 17 faculties, schools and institutes, and a wide range of teaching disciplines - science, technology, physical and sports activities, medicine, pharmacy, law, political science, economics, management...

Making students feel welcome is one of the University's objectives

Throughout the academic year, teams at the University of Montpellier work to facilitate the registration process.
Since 2011, the university has been committed to a quality approach. The result: in February 2014, the University of Montpellier was awarded ISO 9001 certification.
The aim is to welcome students and optimize the enrolment process with a view tocontinuous improvement: adapting procedures, guaranteeing equal treatment and facilitating the integration of all students. Particular attention is paid to new baccalaureate holders arriving at the University.

92% satisfaction

To measure satisfaction levels, a survey is sent out every two years to a panel of students. In 2022, the overall satisfaction rate was 92%. Numerous parameters in the enrolment process are evaluated: information on the website,online enrolment, the enrolment process, etc.

A preliminary admission phase may be necessary: all information is available on the website of the faculty, school or institute, or in the "applications-admission" section.