The UM is a member of a European university: CHARM EU

The CHARM EU Alliance is part of the European Universities initiative, and brings together the universities of Barcelona (UB), Dublin (TCD), Budapest (ELTE) and Utrecht (UU). The network is based on the establishment of long-term cooperation in terms of joint study programs, student and staff exchanges, and lays the foundations for an innovative model designed to promote the free movement of people, ideas and practices.

CHARM- EU: capitalizing on shared expertise

The university alliance capitalizes on the expertise developed through the many existing partnerships between its members. At stake: more than 2,000 bilateral publications and active student and teacher-researcher mobility. Charm - EU's ambition is to build on these bilateral cooperations to foster multilateral cooperation and produce a sustainable, replicable model of governance.

It has 3 objectives:

  • define a common strategy to better meet the challenges and needs of sustainable development through training backed by research and innovation;
  • innovate by promoting student and teacher mobility and the creation of career paths that meet the challenges and needs of sustainable development;
  • share services, resources and infrastructures to stimulate the emergence of a common campus.

The uniqueness of CHARM-EU, a world of opportunities

Based on a multilingual and multicultural model, and making mobility the norm, CHARM-EU relies on a unique and innovative approach based on flexible and customizable programs nourished by training, research, and the pooling of resources and knowledge by 5 renowned establishments.
Without doubt, the opportunities offered by such an association are infinite. There is strength in numbers, and the stakes are high. CHARM-EU will offer students a unique opportunity to follow courses at the partner institutions, benefiting from their expertise on a given subject and creating a path of excellence, while equipping them with the cards to better meet the challenges of the future, particularly in terms of sustainable development and European identity.
Breaking down barriers, strengthening cooperation, promoting mobility, developing a European identity, creating opportunities... these are the objectives of CHARM-EU and the keys to meeting tomorrow's major challenges.