Are nature schools in the city possible?

More than 80% of the French population is urban, and with it, the vast majority of schools. How then can most pupils benefit from these increasingly talked-about outdoor classes? Can the school in nature really become the educational revolution of the XXIᵉ century?

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# La Science s'aMuse: From thermophotovoltaic conversion to the POMM platform

Welcome to La Science s'aMuse, the scientific programme co-produced by the UM and Divergence-FM, which takes you on a cruise through the archipelago of Muse laboratories. This week Rodolphe Vaillon, a researcher at the Montpellier Institute of Electronics and Systems (IES), shares his discoveries in the field of thermophotovoltaic conversion. In the second part of the programme, Pascal Etienne, from the Charles Coulomb laboratory, takes us to the Montpellier optomicrofluidic platform (POMM).

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