Solidarity and Development Fund for Student Initiatives (FSDIE)

The Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Étudiantes is a financial tool for solidarity and animation of student life.

The FSDIE has two missions:

  • To help finance student projects in various fields (culture, humanitarian, sports, solidarity, environment, civic engagement, etc.).
  • Provide financial support to students in great difficulty or in precarious situations, in conjunction with CROUS social workers.

Provisional schedule of allocation commissions (projects / collective initiatives) :

  • Commission on Tuesday 21/02/2023 with a deadline of 13/02/2023 at 12:00.
  • Commission on Tuesday, 18/04/2023 with a deadline for applications set for 10/04/2023 at 12:00.
  • Commission on Tuesday 13/06/2023 with a deadline for applications set for 05/06/2023 at 12 noon.

ATTENTION : before any FSDIE application, it is imperative to contact the Student Life Service (04 67 14 36 77 / 04 67 14 46 58) at least 15 days before the date of the commission.

How does the FSDIE work?

This fund is financed by a portion of the CVEC (Contribution Vie Étudiante et de Campus) paid by students when they register. An allocation committee meets in two separate formations, one devoted to social aid, the other to project aid. Its opinions are transmitted to the Training and University Life Commission (CFVU) which makes the final decision on the allocation of credits.

How do you apply?

For collective projects and initiatives :

For aid - FSDIE social :

The Student Life Service works in conjunction with the CROUS social service to assist students in financial or social difficulty.

To apply for emergency assistance from the FSDIE of the University of Montpellier and/or for a Specific Assistance Allowance (ASAP) from the CROUS, follow the information on the CROUS website (heading Social Action/Health, Specific Assistance).

CROUS social service assistants are available at the SCMPPS offices and at the (S)pace on the Triolet site.

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