End of SUAPS courses and access to the weight rooms on Thursday 26 May 2022.
Activities will resume on Monday 12 September 2022.
Pharmacy: opening on 5 September 2022.
CSU Motte Rouge and Richter: opening on 12 September 2022.

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Do you want to practice a sport?

The University of Montpellier offers you a wide range of physical activities among which you will find the one that suits you.

Registration is all year round!

If you have paid the CVEC :
You must register at the SUAPS office and bring a medical certificate "not contraindicating the practice of sport" for the current academic year and if necessary "not contraindicating competition" and your student card on which you will be given the SUAPS sticker giving you access to activities and certain infrastructures.

If you have not paid the CVEC (only those in continuing education): contact SUAPS by e-mail.

Download the rules of procedure

Do 40 activities

  • Team sports : Basketball, Football, Futsal, Handball, Rugby, Volleyball
  • Combat sports: English Boxing, French Boxing, Judo, Karate, Capoeira, Kick Boxing
  • Physical maintenance: Fitness, Gymnastics, Weight training, Yoga, Step, Pilates, Physical condition, Muscular reinforcement
  • Dance: Modern Jazz Dance, Rock'n'Roll Dance, Salsa Dance, Zumba, Classical Dance, Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Latin Dance
  • Water sports: Swimming
  • Racket sports: Badminton, Tennis, Table tennis, Padel
  • Other sports: Athletics, Climbing
  • New: Cross-training, Yoga relaxation and dynamic

And all year round, the SUAPS organises events: scuba diving, road cycling, rock climbing, cross-country skiing and much more...

Earn points on your GPA

Several components of the University of Montpellier offer you the possibility of integrating sport into your university curriculum. You should check that the chosen activity is compatible with your schedule (place, day, time).
Remember that you must do a maximum of 10 sessions per week over a semester.

How to do it?

  • find out more and register with my school;
  • pick up my MANDATORY attendance card from the SUAPS office, bringing a photo and a medical certificate stating that I am not contraindicated in the practice of sport.

Optional sport option

Each educational component defines the number of points awarded to the Sport option on the overall average.


The sports proposed for these options and UEs and the timetable are downloadable from the SUAPS programme. The options and UE are identifiable through the names of the "evaluating" teachers.

Three evaluation criteria were selected:

  • investment ;
  • progress made ;
  • the level reached.

Nota :
In order to practice the option or the EU, registration at SUAPS is not compulsory. But you must present a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of sport to one of the SUAPS offices. As a reminder, the option or the UE alone gives you controlled access to a maximum of 10 sessions . Only the registration to SUAPS gives you the possibility to practice all the activities.

Do you want to apply for High Level Sportsperson status?

The University of Montpellier wishes to provide high-level athletes with the necessary means to pursue their university studies.

To be eligible for elite status you must

  • or be registered on the ministerial lists
  • either be in a French centre or have an agreement with a training centre
  • or meet the criteria of this downloadable list

The status of high-level athlete gives access to study and/or examination accommodations. These accommodations are the responsibility of each component.

When registering at the University of Montpellier, athletes wishing to obtain the status of high-level sports student must apply online on the University of Montpellier website and submit the supporting documents, together with the answers to the questionnaire, to the SUAPS office in Pharmacy.

Apply online

Completed applications will be examined by the University's High Performance Sport Commission, which will award the status of high performance student athlete. Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected.

1st Committee:

  • Online registration start date: Monday 4 July 2022
  • Deadline for online registration: Thursday 08 September 2022
  • Deadline for submission of supporting documents to SUAPS: Thursday 08 September 2022
  • Date of the commission: Thursday 22 September 2022, 9-11am

2nd committee:

  • Online registration start date: Monday 12 September 2022
  • Deadline for online registration: Thursday 06 October 2022
  • Deadline for submission of supporting documents to SUAPS: Thursday 06 October 2022
  • Date of the commission: Thursday 20 October 2022, 9-11am

The University of Montpellier Sports Association (ASUM) participates in university and inter-university sports competitions organised by the French University Sports Federation (FFSU).

  • Click here to join the ASUM and get your FFSU licence

ASUM's missions

See status

  • encourage student participation in university competitions;
  • represent the University of Montpellier in university competitions.

The ASUM can contribute to the travel costs of university competitions for students of the University of Montpellier with a FFSU licence:

French University Sports Federation (FFSU)

FFSU organises academic level competitions in all individual and team sports and trains you as a referee for free. Sports competitions open to students.

  • Academy championships ;
  • French championships;
  • international meetings.

How to participate?

Do you want to participate in university competitions? To do so, you must have a FFSU multi-sport licence.
To obtain it click here.

Please note that registration is subject to acceptance on Parcoursup.

Judo training and education centre

Possibility of obtaining high level status

  • Schooling arrangements.
  • Valuation of sports practice in the curriculum.
  • Supervision, participation and support during the FFSU championships.
  • Possibility of training every evening, physical and mental preparation and specific follow-up.

In the STAPS stream :

  • Mention Education motricité : Become a certified or agrégé PE teacher, but also a school teacher
  • Sports training: Become a physical trainer, coach, trainer. In Montpellier, the federal conventions will allow you to enrich your CV with numerous complementary diplomas (BF1&2 Weightlifting, BF1&2 Athletic Strength, Bodybuilding, Functional training, fitness, kettle bell - MNS...)
    For these 2 courses, under certain conditions, you can benefit from the STAPS-FFjudo agreement and become a judo teacher in a club.
  • Mention APA: Become a professional of adapted physical activity, specialist in sports practice for the adapted public
  • Mention MS: Organise large-scale sports events, become a specialist in communication and development of sports structures.

The UFR STAPS is also a dozen University Diplomas to follow in initial or continuing education.
To register...

Holidays 2021/2022
All Saints' Day: from Monday 1st November 2021 to 07 November 2021.
Christmas: from Monday 20 December 2021 to 02 January 2022.
Winter: from 28 February 2022 to 06 March 2022.
Easter: from 25 April 2022 to 08 May 2022.
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