Association of pharmacy interns of the hospitals of Montpellier-Nîmes (AIPHMN)

Activities and objectives of the association

The AIPHMN manages the interns in the curriculum and the relations with the University and the administration (ARS, medical affairs of the region's hospitals). It welcomes and supports new interns in their choice of course by setting up tutorials and holding mock exams.
It also allows the interns to get together through special evenings and weekends.


  • President: Chloé Duran
  • Secretary: Claire Lozano
  • Treasurer: Nelly Lonca
  • VP Pharmacy: Christelle Moreau, Océane Abraham, Coline Spinau
  • VP Medical Biology: Amélie Brousse, Eugénie Duroyon, Maxime Brunaud
  • VP IPR: Romain Meddeb, Adrien Chouchou,
  • VP Events: Laure Breton
  • VP for associations: Annabelle Coste, Justine Bouquerand
  • VP Tutoring: William Champeau, Cosette Le Souder
  • Webmaster: Adrien Poreaux
  • 2015 General Assembly Project Manager: Céline Peyrol

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