Capacity building 

As leader of Montpellier's Pôle Universitaire d'Innovation (PUI ), the University of Montpellier is committed to innovation training.

This is why, since 2020, a training program entitled "Capacity Building", has been offered to all PUI Montpellier partners.  

Each year, €50, 000 is earmarked for innovation training for administrative and research staff fromI-SITE partners, to help them develop their skills

Ultimately, Capacity Building training aims tostandardize practices across all PUI Montpellier partner structures. 

The themes

Intellectual property 

How do you protect a creation or an innovation? What protection tools should be considered? How to implement an intellectual property strategy?

Essential aspects of intellectual property are covered, such as copyright, patents and trademarks.

Software protection

How can I protect my software? What licenses, tools and security measures are available?

What are the specifics of the transfer contract?

The opportunity to understand the specifics of the transfer contract and the different licensing schemes for software.

Financing of innovative public/private projects 

What are the funding opportunities for innovation projects involving public/private collaboration?

Participants will discover how to access this financing and optimize their chances of obtaining it.  

Design sprint

What is a Design Sprint? How can this method bring a different perspective to an innovation?

Design sprint is an accelerated methodology for solving complex problems and developing innovative solutions. This training will enable participants to acquire practical skills in design and creativity.

Artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence, and what are the issues behind this essential tool? How can it be used?

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of many technological advances. This training course will provide an approach to the ethical challenges of AI, its added value in everyday life, and its potential for developing creativity and efficiency in the creation of innovation. 

Pitching and public speaking

It's essential to be convincing when presenting your ideas and your project, in order to mobilize stakeholders and bring your innovation to the next level!

This course will help participants improve their communication skills and successfully present their innovative projects.  

Conditions of participation

  • Be an agent, doctoral student or researcher in an I-SITE* partner organization.
  • Coverage of PUI training costs. 

I-Site: Université de Montpellier, ENSCM, Institut Agro, CIRAD, CHU de Montpellier, CHU de Nîmes, CNRS, CEA, ICM, INRAE, INSERM, IRD, and a representative jointly appointed by BRGM, CIHEAM IAM, IFREMER and INRIA.

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