Training abroad is a unique opportunity to discover another country and a new culture while enriching your scientific knowledge. Student mobility, which is a guarantee of open-mindedness and adaptability, has become one of the key recruitment criteria.
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Find advice (safety, health, useful information) for your host country on the website of the Ministry of Europe and ForeignAffairs

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Contact the International Relations Office of your component.

Student mobility is mainly based on the resources of the Erasmus + programmethe European programme for education, training, youth and sport. The various agreements signed by the UM with more than a hundreduniversities in Europe and outside Europe allow you to take part in an exchange programme lasting from one semester to one year, depending on your level of study and your training.

Please note: non-European students enrolled in a European university can also take part in an Erasmus + stay.

In order to prepare your mobility, it is necessary to start the process one year before your actual departure. The conditions for participating in this programme are as follows:

  • be regularly enrolled as a student at the University of Montpellier, whatever your nationality, from Licence 3 to Doctorat;
  • not have benefited from a 12-month Erasmus + study mobility during the same academic cycle (student with or without a grant);
  • be selected by the educational manager of the international relations office of your component;

For more information on the destinations offered by your component, you should contact the BIS of your component.

The University of Montpellier is committed to promoting equity and inclusion of participants in the programme, including those with special needs, such as people with mental (intellectual, cognitive, or learning disabilities), physical, sensory, or other disabilities.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
Erasmus code of the institution: F MONTPEL54
Erasmus + Coordinator: Céline Delacourt-Gollain, Director of International Relations

Mobility Service
Administrative contact
Tel: +33 (0)4 34 43 23 23

By signing the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027, the UM confirms that its participation in the Programme is part of its own modernisation and internationalisation strategy. This strategy recognises the essential contribution made by mobile staff and students and participation in European and international cooperation projects, to the quality of its own higher education programmes and to the experience of its students.

In order to encourage relations between peoples and cultures of different countries, Quebec universities, through the Bureau de Coopération Interuniversitaire (BCI), have established student exchange programs with universities outside Canada, including France.

These programmes allow students registered in a French university to pursue part of their studies in a Quebec institution for a semester or a year.
This programme is aimed at students from all disciplines who have completed at least two years of higher education.
Places in Quebecinstitutions are very limited and only the best applications will be accepted (minimum of 12/20 generalaverage) .
Every year, the Quebec partner universities specify their admission requirements on the BCI website.
The conditions of participation in the programme:

  • Be registered at the University of Montpellier ;
  • Have obtained the approval of your academic supervisor of the course you intend to follow at the host institution. Without this approval, your application will not be accepted;
  • If you choose an English-speaking destination, you will need to demonstrate a good level of English;
  • You must be able to afford the costs of travel and accommodation in the host country.

The benefits of the programme :

  • Tuition fee waiver at the host university;
  • Recognition of the course followed in the host university by the University of Montpellier;
  • Maintaining social security coverage and national scholarships.

For further information, please contact your component.

More about BCI

You can go on a mobility programme within the framework of inter-university partnership agreements signed by the University of Montpellier. The University of Montpellier has agreements with universities all over the world. To go on a mobility programme within the framework of the inter-university partnership agreements, you must :

  • be registered at the University of Montpellier;
  • be selected by the educational manager of the international relations office of your component.

Your benefits:

  • exemption from tuition fees at the host university ;
  • recognition of the course followed at the host university by the University of Montpellier;
  • the maintenance of social security coverage and national scholarships.

Your contacts in your component

The City of Montpellier offers a programme enabling Montpellier students to benefit from a grant to spend a year studying at university in one of its three twin cities: Louisville in the United States, Heidelberg in Germany and Chengdu in China.

This programme is intended for people who meet the following conditions:

  • hold a baccalaureate ;
  • be enrolled in a higher education institution in Montpellier;
  • level of study: 2nd cycle desired;
  • be of age ;
  • be in possession of a valid passport;
  • be of French nationality;
  • have a very good knowledge of English or German;
  • For the Louisville scholarship, passing the TOEFL (language test) is mandatory with a minimum score requirement of 79/120.

Constitution of the application file :

  • a letter of motivation for the attention of the Mayor.
  • a curriculum vitae and a photo.
  • photocopies of university diplomas.
  • the school certificate or photocopy of the student card.
  • a photocopy of a valid passport.
  • Proof of language level: language transcripts for Heidelberg and Chengdu and TOEFL result for Louisville or, failing that, receipt of registration for the exam.

Additional conditions may be imposed by the twin city. Information can be obtained from the City of Montpellier's International Relations Department and applications can be submitted to the City of Montpellier's Maison des Relations Internationales.

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Are you thinking of doing an internship abroad? There are three possibilities:

Traineeships of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)

The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) offers students internships at its central administration (Paris and Nantes) or abroad at a diplomatic mission or consular post.

These internships are either short (lasting 2 months) or long (lasting more than 2 months, with a monthly bonus).


  • be enrolled as a student at the University of Montpellier, in a course leading to a state-recognised diploma (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctorate only);
  • be of French nationality or from a member state of the European Union;
  • be affiliated to the French social security system.

How to apply?

  • contact the traineeship manager of your component who will check the prerequisites of your application;
  • apply on the site for the offer(s) (maximum of 5 per student) that match your profile.

Please note: Compulsory internships during the academic year will be favoured

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Traineeships under the Erasmus+ programme

The Erasmus + programme offers the possibility of financing an internship in a company in one of the 32 participating countries for a period of 2 to 12 months. This programme is open to all students from the 2nd year of the DUT or the Licence 2 to the Doctorat, whatever their nationality.


  • have a compulsory internship during your academic year;
  • have found a full-time, unpaid internship (up to 1200 euros gross per month accepted);
  • not to have benefited from a 12-month Erasmus mobility during the same academic cycle;
  • be selected by the BIS educational officer of your component.

How to apply?

For more information on the administrative file to be compiled, you should contact the persons responsible in your component.

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Internships abroad outside mobility programmes

You can consider doing an internship in the company and country of your choice outside of mobility programmes. If you are a scholarship holder on social criteria, you can benefit from a MENESR international mobility grant. Moreover, all students (without means test) can apply for the international mobility grant of the Occitanie / Pyrenees - Mediterranean Region.

To find out about all the formalities, ask the people in charge in your component.

Do you want to continue your studies abroad outside the exchange programme? Then you can consider an individual international mobility.

In this case, contact the university of your choice in advance to find out the terms and conditions and the amount of the registration fee. If you are an individual student, you will not be eligible for the University of Montpellier scholarships.

It is important to contact the embassy of the country concerned in France to obtain a study visa (mobility outside Europe) and your social security centre for your health cover.

Find out about the recognition of foreign diplomas, if at the end of your international course you plan to return to France.


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