Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics and Systems (MIPS) cluster

Its aim is to provide a forum for synergy between research structures and scientific consultation, with a view to developing joint initiatives between I-SITE members. The cluster comprises 85% of the strengths of the University of Montpellier's MIPS department, and 15% of research units linked to research organizations such as Inria, Institut Agro, IRD, Inrae and CIRAD.

  • Leading, communicating, highlighting scientific strategy and prospects
  • Federating and fostering partnerships
  • Increase the Region's visibility and contribute to its excellence in the field of Biology-Health, both nationally and internationally.
  • Promoting the link between Training and Research
  • Lead a collective reflection on concerted programming of jobs, skills and human resources in conjunction with establishments and organizations
Scientific scope

The cluster brings together MUSE research laboratories, technology platforms and research services in the fields of mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering sciences and systems (mechanical engineering, electronics, micro and nanoelectronics, etc.).

Research structures

Partnered research structures:

Technology resources


Portraits of the UM Portraits of the UM

Daniele Di Pietro: the maths aesthete

Mathematician Daniele Di Pietro's NEMESIS project has just been awarded 7.8 million euros in ERC Synergy funding. His goal: to overcome the current technological barriers to numerical simulations of complex physical problems. The director of the Alexandre Grothendieck Institute in Montpellier, France, describes his career path in a discipline for which he was not originally destined.

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