Emblematic projects

I-SITE excellence program

Launched in 2017 and set to continue until 2022, the I-SITE program of excellence mobilizes the strengths of 16 institutions towards a common ambition: the development in Montpellier of a research-intensive thematic university, internationally recognized for its impact on the societal challenges of food safety, environmental protection and human health. In the 5 years of the probationary period, major transformations have been set in motion in each of the major fields of academic life. These initiatives, which until now have been carried out within the framework of the Montpellier University of Excellence Foundation, are now fully integrated into the activities of the University of Montpellier's departments and services.


With its Inter-disciplinary & In-lab Graduate Program, the Université de Montpellier welcomes French and international students to eight new Master's courses and one engineering course, all taught in English. The aim is to increase the international scope of the University of Montpellier, strengthen training through and for research, and promote interdisciplinarity. A truly innovative academic program, it is part of the France 2030 program "Structuring training through research", open to institutions holding an Idex or I-Site label.

Digital education

The University of Montpellier is using digital technology to respond to the challenges of training, and to diversify teaching practices in the interests of student success and professional integration.


The University of Montpellier has been a member of the CHARM-EU European University Alliance since 2019, alongside eight other prestigious universities in Europe. Together, we are working to design and create a unique new university model aimed at improving the quality, international competitiveness and attractiveness of European higher education.


The ExposUM Institute is an initiative by the University of Montpellier and its partners to establish an out-of-building, decompartmentalized benchmark institute for the study, training and science-society interaction of the environmental determinants of human health. Winner of the ExcellenceS call for projects (PIA4) and supported by the Occitanie Region, ExposUM is funded to the tune of 46.4 M€ over the period 2022-2030.

Key challenges facing the Occitanie region

Advancing regional research to better preserve biodiversity, better combat vector-borne diseases, imagine the viticulture and oenology of tomorrow, or meet the collective challenges of the water cycle... These are just some of the scientific challenges to which the University of Montpellier and its regional partners intend to respond by taking on 4 of the 15 "key challenges" identified and supported by the Occitanie Region.

UM2030 - IDEES: IDEX and ISITE integration and development

The France 2030 UM2030- IDéES program, which stands for "Integration and development of IdEx and ISITE", aims to reinforce the central role played by the University of Montpellier by integrating all I-SITE consortium partners in a shared approach.

Funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR), IDéES, led by François Pierrot, Vice President, International Relations, proposes to develop large-scale initiatives to meet the three major challenges of "Nourish-Care-Protect" in three areas:

  • Strategic international partnerships
  • Data science for all sciences
  • Innovation Campus


Supporting the University's key projects, the foundations meet the needs of business and industry. They give students and doctoral students new opportunities to realize their professional projects.

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