Working at the University of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier brings together nearly 5100 staff members, including about 3000 permanent staff members, identified within three major job families:

  • research and teaching staff
  • engineers, administrative, technical and service personnel
  • library staff

By publishing its charter for Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment (OTM-R ) in the framework of the European label "HR Excellence in Research", the University of Montpellier has chosen to report on this approach and on the recruitment processes at the UM for researchers and all staff of the institution.


At the University of Montpellier

The university recruits teaching, administrative and technical staff, as well as contract workers.

For more information, visit the Civil Service website: SCORE portal.

Teaching staff

Administrative, technical and library staff

Student jobs and civic service volunteers

Within the partner institutions

Staff training

The collective training offer

The collective training offer is aimed at the University's permanent and contractual staff (BIATS, Enseignants-Chercheurs, Enseignants et Chercheurs). Registrations are made on the GEFORP platform (GEstion des FORmations pour les Personnels).

  • Consult the programs, the dates of the 1st semester sessions and register on GEFORP ("my file" tab of the ENT).

You will also be able to track the progress of your registration requests, view your supervisor's online validation, be alerted to the scheduling of new sessions, edit a training certificate...

Develop your skills remotely and continuously

The Office of Competency Management and Development provides a set of free resources (MOOCs, tutorials, webinars, etc.), available online and searchable remotely. The resources are classified by domain.

Management application

For information or documentation on :

  • APOGEE: consult the training documentation (PPS and videos) in the Moodle space by requesting access via the Service Center, Studies area, APOGEE category.
  • PSTAGE: contact the PSTAGE correspondent of your component or file a ticket via the Service Center, Studies area, PSTAGE category
  • AMETYS: contact the Ametys correspondent of your component or file a ticket via the Service Center, Studies domain, AMETYS category
  • ECANDIDAT: consult the documents accompanying the management of applications and the use of eCandidat on the DFE intranet: Application documentation contact the Ecandidat correspondent of your component or, failing that, file a ticket via the Service Center, Studies domain, ECANDIDAT category
  • SOFA: submit a ticket via the Service Center, Studies area, SOFA category
  • PROSE: contact the Prose referent of your component or file a ticket via the Service Center, Studies domain, PROSE category
  • SIFAC: consult the documentation on the DAF intranet: business training and tools or submit a ticket via the Service Center, Finance or Purchasing area, depending on the type of request.

Office automation

Computing and ICT

The Digital Usage Service (SUN) of the DSIN offers you :

Microsoft 365 / Teams: DSIN offers a set of tutorials and guides on these collaborative tools

Other free online courses / MOOCs and tutorials :

Teaching and research

The Digital Usage Service (SUN) of the DSIN also offers you :

The Centre de Soutien aux Innovations Pédagogiques (CSIP) offers training/workshops related to active pedagogy.

Other free online courses / MOOCs and tutorials :

Health and safety



Webinars (online conferences) to watch in replay:

Other free online courses / MOOCs and tutorials :

Guides / Fact Sheets :

Professional training - professional environment

Webinars (online conferences) on telecommuting to watch in replay:

Other free online courses / MOOCs and tutorials :

Guides / Fact Sheets :

Sustainable development and social responsibility

Sustainable development

Social responsibility

Disability and digital accessibility

Preparation for ITRF competitions / promotion tests

ITRF competition

  • For all information on the different types of competitions (eligibility requirements, types of tests, etc.), please consult the Ministry's website (MESRI).
  • The recruitment office of the University's Human Resources Department is also available to answer your questions by [email | rf.re1686224494illep1686224494tnomu1686224494@frti1686224494-sruo1686224494cnoc-1686224494hrd1686224494].

AENES competition

Online resources:

Other staff training programs (not included in the offer)

Quality of life at work

The University of Montpellier offers counselling and listening spaces to reflect on one's career, to prepare a professional project or to talk about difficulties at work. Meetings and conferences are organized to question work. To relax, workshops (meditation, sophrology, massage) are regularly offered in the workplace.

Organization of support systems for personnel

In order to deal with difficulties in the workplace, the UM has developed mechanisms to ensure that psycho-social risks are addressed and monitored on a long-term basis. The objective of these measures is to meet collective and individual needs in terms of prevention of psychosocial risks, by promoting synergy between the various actors concerned in the institution.

Better living at work

The UM has a network of professionals who can assist you in your professional projects.

They can also help you in the event of difficulties or suffering at work, and answer any questions you may have about safety or psycho-social risks (PSR). Don't hesitate to [contact them | rf.re1686224494illep1686224494tnomu1686224494@liav1686224494art-u1686224494a-eiv1686224494-etil1686224494auq-c1686224494vd1686224494If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wellness Workshops


"Find your way - Work on your voice and expressiveness", stress management, sophrology, meditation, foot reflexology, ... many workshops are offered free of charge throughout the year.


Throughout the year, the Quality of Life at Work Department offers meetings, debates and conferences.

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