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Yoga on the programme

How can we promote an education that considers the child and the adolescent as a whole, with cognitive but also physical and emotional learning? Why not through yoga? An activity that is very popular during confinement, which could find its place in school.

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The body at school: a forgotten dimension

At the end of November 2020, the Ministry of Education launched the operation 30 minutes of sport per day at school in order to fight against the sedentary lifestyle of children. This was a major problem even before the Covid-19 epidemic, and the periods of generalized confinement have made it even more glaring, as initial scientific studies have shown.

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School: yoga, an activity to be included in the curriculum?

Yoga has conquered the world. The postures of the crane, the crow or the half-jay are all images of an activity that has become a worldwide phenomenon in just a few decades. A sporting activity, a spiritual awakening, an art of living, yoga has become a "world activity". How can one of the most widespread sports practices in the world be transposed into the school environment? How could yoga contribute to the transformation of education?

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