A la carte turtles

It is on the French islands of the Indian Ocean that Jérôme Bourjea, a researcher at Ifremer, has been unraveling the workings of marine turtles for over 15 years. Adult migrations, juvenile coastal regimes, impacts on their health, biologging pierces the shell of these mysterious animals.

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[Podcast] A LUM LA SCIENCE #31: From Toads to the Pro 3D Platform

This week in A l'UM la science, Aurélien Besnard, a researcher at the CEFE, tells us about the strategy adopted by a toad, the yellow-bellied toad, to cope with the deterioration of its habitat by human activities. In the second part of the program, we offer you a visit of the Pro 3D platform of the Montpellier laboratory of mechanics and civil engineering. Finally we will find Amrin's chronicle who will talk to us about La Télescope.

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With the outdoor classroom, the school changes its view on environmental issues

How about an outdoor classroom? In the aftermath of the first lockdown, as part of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, this proposal was followed by many teachers. Researchers and education personnel took turns in the media to emphasize the benefits of this teaching method, both in terms of health and for the health of children who are often too sedentary. The previous Minister of Education had also recognized "the pedagogical virtue" of this method.

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