[Podcast] A LUM LA SCIENCE #25: From Alzheimer's disease to the Charles Flahault Heritage Fund

This week in A LUM LA SCIENCE, Fabrice Caudron, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Montpellier, is our guest. He and his team have just discovered that a plant substance could protect the neurons of Alzheimer's patients. In the second half of the programme, Elizabeth Denton, library curator, introduces us to the Charles Flahault heritage collection.

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Biotechnology made in Montpellier

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Three essential actions in the service of health to improve patient care. This is a constantly evolving sector in which innovation plays a key role. What is the role of academic research in a world where biotechnology giants and Big Pharmas reign supreme? A place that cannot be ignored, as shown by the companies presented here, which are taking up the challenge of creating new medicines. A

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The challenges that aerobatic flight imposes on pilots' bodies

Our species is acclimatised to a world of constant gravity - in this case, a pervasive force of acceleration arising from the Earth's attraction (the unit of gravity, g, is 9.81 m/s2 ). There are, however, circumstances where our bodies are subjected to more than the classical Earth gravity... This is again a matter of acceleration.

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