The University of Montpellier fosters innovation in its laboratories and designs innovative solutions for the benefit of mankind and the environment, thanks to a cutting-edge Research developed by its researchers.

From technology and medicine to environmental engineering and the social sciences, the UM enhances the value of researchers' scientific work by giving it an economic and societal value that is directly linked to the challenges of the industrial world.

The valorization of research work stimulates scientific innovation and enables it to have an impact on society and the socio-economic world. It encourages cooperation between laboratories and external partners, and generates new sources of revenue.

Value-added products

There are several ways in which researchers can put their research to use in the socio-economic world:

  • Technology transfer to an academic or industrial partner
  • Innovation law measures (participation in business start-ups and in the activities of existing companies, scientific competitions, participation in governance bodies, etc.)

Technology transfer

Technology transfer facilitates the arrival on the market of solutions resulting from research work.

With this in mind, the University of Montpellier is formalizing this transfer by setting up several types of commercialization contracts, such as :

  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Licensing contracts
  • Rights assignment contracts

Good to know

The University of Montpellier listed among the top patent filers

Filing a patent is one of the steps in the development process, which can then lead to an operating license or a rights assignment contract.

It serves to protect, negotiate and collect financial resources from an innovation generated through the work of our scientific community.

In 2022, the University of Montpellier will be listed among the top 50 patent applicants by INPI, making it de facto one of the top 10 higher education establishments in France to have filed the most patents.

The University of Montpellier has set up a subsidiary to accelerate technology transfer

The University of Montpellier has also set up a technology transfer subsidiary, SATT AxLR. The latter has an investment fund to support research teams in maturing their projects and developing innovations in line with market needs. It also offers access to the University of Montpellier's intellectual property rights on technologies under its management.

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