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The seventeenth issue of your Lum magazine is dedicated to innovation, a key mission of the university.

According to the Amerindian legend, it is always possible to act, no matter how powerless we may feel, in the face of the challenges we face. Thus, while a huge fire was devouring the forest, leaving the animals petrified by the magnitude of the catastrophe, the hummingbird was active between the pond and the flames. Each time it passed by, the brave bird emptied a few drops from its tiny beak, which were derisory in the face of the intensity of the fire. "What are you doing? The other animals asked him, do you think that with these few drops you can put out the fire? No," he replied, "but I'm doing my part.

Although the university does not claim to be able to change the world on its own, it does have the ambition to contribute by putting its discoveries and results at the service of society. It is this innovation, this public service mission that we invite you to discover throughout the pages of this new issue in an expanded version, which offers access to videos produced by the UM or podcasts of the programme A l'UM la science.

From green chemistry to advanced surgery, from ocean preservation to new drug development, from safety to health, this issue of Lum gives you a glimpse of the positive impact that university research can have when it is put to work for society.

Meet the researchers, students and all those who contribute in one way or another to these success stories, by doing their bit.

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(If you would like to receive a paper copy of Lum, please send an email to Aline Périault, Lum 's editor-in-chief, with your contact details).

Bonus :

Presentation on Radio Campus Montpellier

Radio Campus Montpellier devoted a part of La Matinale of 25 November 2019 to the magazine "LUM" (to be found from 31 minutes and 40 seconds).

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