Elisa: "What's the point of starting a business?

In order to answer this seemingly simple, but in reality very complex question, it is important to start by defining what an enterprise is. There are many definitions of an enterprise. But the one we will use here is that an enterprise is an organisation, i.e. women and men who mobilise resources such as premises, tools, machines, knowledge, information or financial resources to produce objects or services

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"5 minutes to convince", a 100% winning competition

Knowing how to be persuasive and present the best of one's professional project in a short period of time is the objective of the "5 minutes to convince" competition created by the SCUIO-IP's professional integration assistance office to improve the professional integration of students. Explanation with the creator of this competition, Cédric Bizaud.

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Diversifying the civil service with the Talent Prepas

Next September, the Montpellier Institute for General Administration Preparation (IPAG) will host three Talent Prep courses. The aim is to combat the self-censorship of young people in the face of competitive examinations and to diversify the senior civil service by facilitating the integration of people from less or less privileged social backgrounds.

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Professional retraining: the other obstacle course for the military

The research we conducted on the reconversion of military personnel (64 interviews) reveals that it is difficult to leave a profession that requires personal dispositions and a strong commitment that forge the 'singular state' of military personnel, to use the terminology of the High Committee for the Evaluation of the Military Condition.

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The rise of apprentices in higher education

Since 2005, the number of apprentices in France has more than doubled, largely due to the significant increase in apprenticeships in higher education. In 2020, more than 2,700 students and 2,190 companies have made this win-win choice in our territory. Let's take a look at the reasons for this success with Philippe Pierrot and Marie-Elisabeth Avignon from the CFA EnSup-LR.

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