Digital health: UM "goes to school" with ESNbyUM

A pioneer in medicine for eight centuries, the University intends to remain so in the digital age with the creation of the ESNbyUM. A digital health school that will train future health professionals as well as lawyers, engineers and administrators from 2023. This project is supported by the government as part of the "Skills and professions of the future" call for expressions of interest, and will serve as the basis for the future digital health excellence cluster in

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[Podcast] A LUM LA SCIENCE #25: From Alzheimer's disease to the Charles Flahault Heritage Fund

This week in A LUM LA SCIENCE, Fabrice Caudron, a researcher at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Montpellier, is our guest. He and his team have just discovered that a plant substance could protect the neurons of Alzheimer's patients. In the second half of the programme, Elizabeth Denton, library curator, introduces us to the Charles Flahault heritage collection.

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Biotechnology made in Montpellier

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Three essential actions in the service of health to improve patient care. This is a constantly evolving sector in which innovation plays a key role. What is the role of academic research in a world where biotechnology giants and Big Pharmas reign supreme? A place that cannot be ignored, as shown by the companies presented here, which are taking up the challenge of creating new medicines. A

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[Podcast] A LUM LA SCIENCE #14: From the hearo robot to MedXCell

This week, Frédéric Venail, medical director at the CHU Gui de Chauliac, opens the doors of the operating theatre for the 3rd cochlear implant trial assisted by the semi-autonomous robot Hearo. In the second half of the programme, Amrin will introduce us to the company MedXcell, then Agnès Pesenti will unveil the next science bar on the theme of "Screen and violence: the state of play".

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