Anti-LGBT+ phobias week at the UM

In 2016, the University of Montpellier was the first institution of higher education to sign the charter of the national association l'Autre Cercle, marking its commitment to the inclusion of LGBT+ staff within its ranks. We are pleased to have renewed this commitment, a few weeks ago, by signing a new version of this charter that now takes into account the students we welcome on our campuses.

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IAP research support: 35 projects selected

Since 2017, the UM's I-SITE excellence program has supported research to the tune of €20.8M. On the scale of the site, this is an unprecedented commitment. With €3.8 million, the call for Research Support 2022 projects will allow the funding of 35 projects out of the 80 proposed. Work will be able to begin in the first half of November 2022.

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Rouages: "Lifelong learning at the UM

Catherine Bellanger and Salomé Bessaïh work in the continuing education department (SFC-UM). The first accompanies candidates in the validation of acquired experience in order to obtain a diploma, while the second develops new training programs adapted to a mainly salaried public. This month, as part of the "Rouages" video series, they share their work with us.

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Visiting the UM, Sylvie Retailleau between science and health

It was from Montpellier that the Minister of Higher Education and Research announced her new reform of university health services on October 13. The visit was punctuated by a number of highlights, including a visit to the Montpellier university health center and the signing of a commitment charter between the UM and the L'Autre Cercle federation. Not to mention the Science Festival at the Mediterranean environment-coastal station in Sète. 

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