The challenges of authentication to protect creativity at source

Innovation, creativity and its expression are fundamental levers for the scientific, industrial, cultural and economic success of a country. It is becoming essential to give confidence to inventors, by giving ourselves the capacity to protect creativity at the source. Certifying the authenticity of a new idea, or of the person who came up with the new idea, is essential to make our bubbling age of inventors more just.

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The 'anti-elitist' elite, a French paradox

The results of the presidential election led many observers to believe that France would be divided into three poles: a governing centre, a right-wing grouping its conservative and extremist currents, and a left-wing grouping mostly its radical pole.

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Once upon a time, François Ost

Under the patronage of Alexandre Viala, professor of public law at the University of Montpellier, the University of Montpellier had the honour and the pleasure of welcoming the Belgian François Ost to award him the title of doctor honoris causa. Portrait of this jurist and philosopher of law who excels in the art of telling the law in order to better think about it.

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The physical reality of the digital world

In his novel The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco describes the organisation, data storage and access to knowledge seven centuries ago in an abbey library, which eventually burnt down, destroying the work of the copyist monks, the first artisans of redundancy before the invention of the printing press and then of computers.

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