The challenges that aerobatic flight imposes on pilots' bodies

Our species is acclimatised to a world of constant gravity - in this case, a pervasive force of acceleration arising from the Earth's attraction (the unit of gravity, g, is 9.81 m/s2 ). There are, however, circumstances where our bodies are subjected to more than the classical Earth gravity... This is again a matter of acceleration.

2022-06-10T07:51:33+01:0010 June 2022|, , |

Detoxification champions

Every day, they drink water heavily contaminated with arsenic. And yet these inhabitants of the Altiplano in Bolivia do not seem to suffer from it... An enigma that the epidemiologist Jacques Gardon has investigated and reveals how they have adapted to this poison.

2022-05-24T17:17:27+01:0024 May 2022|, , , |

The 'anti-elitist' elite, a French paradox

The results of the presidential election led many observers to believe that France would be divided into three poles: a governing centre, a right-wing grouping its conservative and extremist currents, and a left-wing grouping mostly its radical pole.

2022-05-30T10:04:44+01:0023 May 2022|, , , |
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