Faculty of Medicine of Montpellierâtiment historique, amphitheatre of anatomy - 2 rue de l'école de Médecine 34000 Montpellier.

Edgar Morin is one of the greatest contemporary thinkers. For his readers and listeners, his work often constitutes a one-way opening to the paradigm of tomorrow: that of complex thought. The Université Populaire Edgar Morin aims to bring this work to life through a series of conferences, debates and thematic workshops. The inaugural session will focus on war and its impact on our societies as well as on the "Earth as a homeland".

Detailed description

Edgar Morin's interest in major societal and global issues is reflected in the Morinian concepts of "reliance", solidarity with the "Earth as a homeland" and the planetary "community of destiny". These three concepts bring together issues that are often neglected in official teaching: the knowledge of knowledge, human complexity, the understanding of others, the confrontation of uncertainties, globalisation, the gigantic crises caused by wars, epidemics, climate change and the erosion of biodiversity, but also complex ethics, the problems of the city, the revitalisation of villages and the countryside. These are all major themes that the Edgar Morin Popular University intends to disseminate without delay to as many people as possible at the time of this 3rd millennium, which is full of both perils and promises.

The topic of the inaugural conference reflects this focus on current issues, encouraging reflection not only on the nature of conflicts (particularly in Ukraine) but also on their impact on human societies, the environment and the economy.

Against the current of popularisation, in favour of disclosure, this inaugural session is intended to be a moment of encounter between intellectuals (from both the humanities and the sciences), artists, politicians, journalists and members of civil society. The aim is to create a symbolically strong event in the cultural life of Montpellier around complex thought, with the objective of disseminating it to the general public. This project corresponds to one of the achievements of the " Reliance en Complexité " network, which aims to make Montpellier the site of reference and fertilisation of complex and Morinian thinking in the various scientific fields. Our initiative, although global (our network reaching as far as South America and Canada), has first and foremost the will to be anchored on a local scale (Edgar Morin residing in Montpellier). The choice to organise the event in the amphitheatre of the Montpellier Medical School (historical building) is in line with this logic.

Together, we will show our respect for the inspiring figure who initiated the creation of this Popular University, and continue his work through a cycle of conferences, debates and thematic workshops on various themes (including upcoming special sessions on 'Health and complex thinking', 'Ecology and complex thinking', 'Art and complex thinking').

General outline :

Several officials will speak to launch the inauguration (including an introductory speech by Agnès LANGEVINE, Vice-President of the Occitanie Region), before an ex cathedra lecture by Edgar Morin. Finally, a symbolic action will be organised to close the event, which also closes the year of its centenary (started, as we remember, at the Élysée).

Target Audience:

The principle of the Université Populaire is to be open to all audiences (of all ages and social conditions).

Programme :

  • 5-6pm: Opening remarks
  • 18h-19h: Conference by Edgar Morin
  • 19:00-19:30: Questions from the public
  • 8pm: Closing surprise