Activities and objectives of the association

The Association des Tuteurs en Pharmacie (Association of Pharmacy Tutors) supervises students in the PACES by offering them MCQ sessions and their correction in the classroom, tests and mock exams in order to prepare them as well as possible for the exam.

ATPOur tasks :

  • Informing PACES students of the support that tutoring can provide;
  • Organising tutoring ;
  • Setting up individual sponsorship ;
  • Helping to recruit future tutors;
  • Organise meetings between students, tutors and former tutors;
  • Promote the integration of foreign ERASMUS students.

The ATP is an association whose registration is free and therefore accessible to all. There are permanent meetings once a week in a room dedicated to the association.


  • President: SAHAKYAN Syuzanna
  • Secretary: PERRIN Olivier
  • Treasurer: GIRARD Élise
  • Vice President General: NOLGROVE Yann
  • VP Events: LOIRE Clément
  • VP Tutoring DFGSP2: LAURENT Liza
  • VP in charge of health: MIGEON François
  • VP in charge of guidance and reorientation: DAVID Alexandra
  • VP in charge of trainee tutors: CORBINAIS Cécile
  • VP in charge of partnerships: BOUTIN Angel
  • VP in charge of media: CLUZEL Violette
  • VP in charge of communication: DELSOL Lisa


UFR Pharmacy
Association of Tutors in Pharmacy (ATP)
15 Avenue Charles Flahault
34090 Montpellier
Tel :