Activities and objectives of the association

The primary mission of tutoring is to re-establish equal opportunities for selective entry into MMOPK courses, where private exam preparation organisations are particularly active.

Thus, the association proposes sessions that repeat the teachers' lessons week by week. These sessions are written with the teaching team to propose questions corresponding to the expectations for the day of the exam.

It also organises mock exams so that students can practice in real conditions and evaluate their progress during the semester. The association is also very conscious of the stress that can be caused by this year, and throughout the year it organises events focused on well-being.

Finally, in a year of reform, the association is stepping up its actions around orientation and reorientation so that students can anticipate their career path.


Montpellier Health Tutoring Association (ATSM)
Faculty of Medicine
641 Avenue du Doyen Gaston Giraud
34090 Montpellier