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11th Congress of the Academy of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

From entrepreneurial emergence to takeover via intrapreneurship or scalability, entrepreneurial action is everywhere and is taking over disciplines such as marketing, strategy and finance. For a long time wrongly circumscribed to business creation, entrepreneurship has become a societal cause. If start-ups, scale-ups and unicorns are the stuff of dreams, what about the life-style entrepreneur, the tribal entrepreneur, the agricultural entrepreneur, the user-entrepreneur, the hyper-connected intrapreneur, etc.?
Does this diversity of entrepreneurial forms not call for a rethinking of entrepreneurship, strengthening its theoretical roots to better ensure its development and the emergence of new perspectives?

Revisiting entrepreneurship to better (re)think it. Discovering new fields of expression of entrepreneurial logic. Explore new theories. Consider new research designs. Identify new challenges to be met, new actors to be involved. To develop links with other disciplines that allow a better understanding of the entrepreneurial fact and its current evolutions.
This congress will thus be an opportunity to reflect on what characterises entrepreneurship today and the perspectives that are opening up for tomorrow.

Sylvie Sammut, President of the AEI Congress 2019
Scientific Council: Jean-Marie Courrent and Frank Lasch
Steering Committee: Sophie Casanova and Annabelle Jaouen
Project and Communication Officer: Claire Riffat

Key note speaker: Robert Blackburn, Professor at Kingston University of London and Editor in Chief of the International Small Business Journal.

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Calendar :

  • 26 January 2019

    Receipt of papers (short (max 3000 words) or long).
    This date is important for all tracks and calls for papers.

  • 15 March 2019

    Notification to authors by the Scientific Committee.

  • 19 April 2019

    Receipt of revised papers, short or long, in their final version.

Only authors who have paid their registration fee and are present at the Congress will have their paper published on the AEI 2019 website.

  • 15 May 2019

    Registration closed for the Gala Dinner and Lunch on 5 June

  • 20 May 2019

    Registration closed for the choice of social events

  • 24 May 2019

    Closing of all registrations for the AEI Congress 2019.

  • 3-5 June 2019


The 7th edition of the Pro'créa congress will be held following the AEI, from 5 to 7 June 2019 in Montpellier and Sète, around the theme: "Should we continue? The keys to reinventing entrepreneurial support".
More information on the website:


Award ceremony

The Sphinx will award 2 prizes during the congress:

  • best empirical paper award ;
  • prize for the best doctoral student.

These will be presented during the gala dinner (see programme) by Boris Moscarola, Associate Director of Le Sphinx.


Please send your requests (sending forms, questions...) by e-mail by clicking here.


Call for papers :

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Call for off-track papers :

106 papers were presented at the AEI Congress 2019. The papers available for download on this site have received permission for publication from their author(s). Authors who have expressed their wish not to have their paper published on the site are not available for download.

You can download them by clicking here.

  • ADECHIAN Soulé Akinhola, BACO Mohamed Nasser, MOUMOUNI Ismail, AKPONIKPE Irénikatché Pierre B., ADEKAMBI Souléϊmane Adéyèmi, DJENONTIN André Jonas, VIHOTOGBE-SOSSA Carole Nadia A., Stratégies concurrentielles dans la commercialisation des produits périssables : cas des producteurs de légumes feuilles traditionnels au Bénin
  • AIB Walid, H DESMARTEAU Robert, BREARD Raymond, Rapprochement comportemental entre les entrepreneurs et les jeunes à risque de décrochage scolaire
  • ALBERT-CROMARIAS Anne, ASSELINEAU Alexandre, Entrepreneurial caprice and "empty" territories
  • ALBERT-CROMARIAS Anne, ASSELINEAU Alexandre, Proximities at the source of coopetition: the case of the small winegrowers "Ici commence la Loire
  • ALEXANDRE Laurice, REDIEN-COLLOT Renaud, BARCHICHE Doria, The role of cooperation in intrapreneurship as a stimulator of innovation?
  • ALLARD Frédérique, BRAVO-BOUYSSY Ketty, Empowerment at the heart of pedagogical practices: reflection on the system of interactions
  • ARREOLA Fernanda, FAVRE-BONTE Véronique, TRAN Sébastien, Corporate Accelerators: An RBV perspective to understand how to access Strategic Factor Markets
  • BANC Constance, MESSEGHEM Karim, Discovering the notion of an entrepreneurial micro-ecosystem
  • BAUWERAERTS Jonathan, COLOT Olivier, MONACO Carole, Analysis of the socio-emotional dilemma in the appointment of managers in unlisted family companies
  • BAYART Caroline, SALEILLES Séverine, Rethinking the opportunity/necessity dichotomy with a risk management-based approach
  • BELAROUCI Matthieu, FRANCOIS Valérie, Survival of young innovative companies and problems encountered during their first years of life
  • BENZARI Alexandre, TORRES Olivier, KHEDHAOURIA Anis, CUCCHI alain, The impact of technostress on burnout of small business owners.
  • BERRACHED BERBAR Wafaa, TABET AOUEL Wassila, The entrepreneurial spirit in the family business
  • Algerian reality
  • BEZZON Bastien, Geographical proximity, the basis of a territorial strategy for identifying opportunities. The case of SPL Mecanic Vallée.
  • BEZZON Bastien, The articulation between mediation proximity and relational proximity: Analysis of the construction of the opportunity identification networks of family businesses in the Mecanic Vallée SPL
  • BLANCHARD Grégory, ALBERT-CROMARIAS Anne, Commercial negotiation skills :
  • What is the perception of the building trade?
  • BLUM Virginie, Quand des entrepreneurs jugent des entrepreneurs: l'entrepreneur rationnel, l'ignorant et le voyou. Entrepreneurial figures and practices in the bankruptcy court
  • BOKOV Issa, ALEXANDRE Laurice, The role of the regional ecosystem in the development of clusters, the case of Russia
  • BORIES-AZEAU Isabelle, FORT Fatiha, NOGUERA Florence, PEYROUX Catherine, The involvement of the university in territorial entrepreneurial dynamics
  • BOUBAKARY Ben, Corporate Social Responsibility: a lever for organisational change in SMEs? A review of the literature
  • BOUZID Amel, BOUDEJA Karima, CHERIET Foued, BOUCHETARA Mehdi, MELLAL Ahmed , Strategic agricultural sectors and innovation dynamics in Algeria: Comparison of the potato and durum wheat sectors
  • BUGHIN Christiane, CROQUET Mélanie, VIRGO Mégan, La relation d'accompagnement perçue par les accompagnants : essai de modélisation fondée sur la théorisation ancrée
  • BUQUET Romain, BOUILLOUD Jean-Philippe, Fake it till you make it: a systemic production of renegade entrepreneurs
  • CHABAUD Didier, DACHER Nicolas, Accompagnement entrepreneurial : pistes et réflexions tirées d'une revue systématique de la littérature francophone
  • CHABAUD Didier, YEZZA Hedi, The impact of social capital on family succession: the mediating effect of social skills?
  • CHALUS-SAUVANNET Marie-Christine, DEMAURAS Karine, Characteristics of women business angels and their interactions with women entrepreneurs?
  • CHARLIER Patrice, Analysis of the durability of a family business over four centuries and fourteen generations
  • CHARLIER Patrice, BAUWERAERTS Jonathan, GRATTON Pierre, Une approche pari mixte de l'IPO des entreprises familiales
  • CHASSERIO Stéphanie, LEBEGUE Typhaine, POROLI Corine, BACHA Eliane, PAILOT Philippe, Actions et traduction des politiques en faveur de l'entrepreneuriat des femmes par les acteurs de l'écosystème entrepreneurial. Understanding through the mobilisation of the neo-institutional approach
  • CHASSERIO Stéphanie, POROLI Corine, REDIEN-COLLOT Renaud , Women entrepreneurs in a high-growth context: towards a leadership that challenges the norms in entrepreneurship?
  • CHERIF Raja, SASSI Boutheina, Etude exploratoire des attitudes des étudiants entrepreneurs vis-à-vis la spiritualité : cas des étudiants entrepreneurs d'Enactus.
  • CHOUCHANE Rahma, FERNET Claude, AUSTIN Stéphanie, Organisational support and intrapreneurial behaviours: what about the role of self-efficacy and intrapreneurial intentions of employees?
  • CINTAS Caroline, DESPLEBIN Olivier, Anthroposophy, spirituality for an alternative entrepreneurship? The case of biodynamic wine.
  • CLEMENT Loréna, Accompanying women entrepreneurs in priority neighbourhoods of the city policy: a necessary adaptation?
  • CLOUTIER Martin, CUEILLE Sandrine, GAMRA Miloud, RECASENS Gilles, Conceptualisation de l'accompagnement des jeunes entreprises technologiques par les actions entrepreneuriales orientées ressources
  • CONSTANTINIDIS Christina, NELSON Teresa, Succession in the family business: Tensions and levers of transformation between gender systems
  • CONTRERAS-CRUS Marcela, MESSEGHEM Karim, CATANZARO Alexis, Collective pursuit of international entrepreneurial opportunities: a conceptual model for SMEs
  • DALLAIRE Géraldine, How does the cultural entrepreneur/project couple evolve during the entrepreneurial process?
  • DE FREYMAN Julien, CULLIERE Olivier, BOUSSAGUET Sonia, Accompanying the buyer in building his legitimacy
  • DEBRAY Caroline, PARADAS Agnès, POLGE Marion, FOURCADE Colette, Mixité de genre et performance dans l'artisanat du bâtiment : points de vue comparés entre artisan(e)s et parties prenantes institutionnelles dédiées à l'accompagnement
  • DELORME Donatienne, Does the Business Model approach allow us to understand the process of inclusion of a new intermediary actor in an innovation ecosystem? Contributions and Limitations
  • DEPRINCE Elodie, Do digital social networks help to reduce the obstacles linked to psychological distance? The case of Belgian SMEs
  • DESCHAMPS Bérangère, LAMARQUE Thierry, Les émotions du repreneur lors d'une négociation de transfert externe d'entreprise
  • DESCHAMPS Bérangère, PUTHOD Catherine, Who supports women who buy firms?
  • DJOUAK Amar, CERIANI Clarisse , Agricultural pluriactivity in the Nord -Pas-de-Calais: an asset or a burden?
  • DOKOU Gérard Akrikpan Kokou, Approche générative des besoins d'accompagnement du créateur de génération Y : entre besoins différenciés et complémentaires avec les entrepreneurs X et boomers
  • EL KHOURY Michèle, JAOUEN Annabelle, SAMMUT Sylvie, The critics of the liberated company: new paths are emerging
  • EWANGO-CHATELET Aurélie, Critical reflections on comparative entrepreneurship: comparing and contextualising?
  • FAVRE Cédric, THEVENARD-PUTHOD Catherine, La reprise par les salariés, grande oubliée des recherches en Business Transfer?
  • FOUR Isabeau, CORBIN-CHARLAND Olivier, LAVOIE France, DESJARDINS François, Les pratiques et les enjeux de la reprise de PME sous forme OBNL : analyse exploratoire dans le contexte québécois
  • FOUR Isabeau, CORBIN-CHARLAND Olivier, LAVOIE France, MERINO Maricarmen, Les écosystèmes de soutien à l'entrepreneuriat social au Québec, entre diversité et complexité.
  • GABAY-MARIANI Laëtitia, Measuring entrepreneurial commitment: proposals for adapting Allen and Meyer's three-dimensional model to emerging entrepreneurship.
  • GAIDOS Alexandra, A performative approach to the incubation practices of social innovations
  • GAUTHIER Olivier, LEGLISE Laure, "Fiction" and the emergence of alternative organizations: a deleuzian perspective
  • GAY Claudine, VIVEL Christel, The figure of the "cultural entrepreneur leader": the case of Emile Guimet
  • GENC Caroline, On the stigma of failure for behavioral entrepreneurs
  • GOMEZ-BREYSSE Marie, Impact of societal evolutions: from classic to lifestyle entrepreneurs
  • GRAMA-VIGOUROUX Simona, SAIDI Sana, SELLAMI Mohamed, CAZABAT Gérard, La solvabilité dans les institutions de microfinance dépend-elle du genre?
  • GRATTON Pierre, Le processus de négociation dans les transmissions/reprises externes : une étude de cas exploratoire.
  • HAMANI Amina, Cross evolution of business models in a network incubator: a stakeholder approach
  • HENRION Camille, Creating an entrepreneurial dynamic in a low-density territory through the tools Start-Up de Territoire and Fabrique à Entreprendre
  • HERAL Mireille, MESSEGHEM Karim, CATANZARO Alexis, Accompanying international collaborative strategies: The case of eco-SMEs
  • IBOUDER Widad, LOUITRI Abdenbi, Exploration of the socialisation process of the new generation of family SMEs to entrepreneurship: Example of a Moroccan case
  • LACHAPELLE Nathalie, Innovation processes in agricultural entrepreneurs: conceptual and theoretical frameworks
  • LAMETA Nathalie, TERRAMORSI Patrice, LUISI Graziella, FABIANI Thierry, ALBERTINI Thérèse, Influence d'un dispositif pédagogique expérientiel sur la sensibilisation aux soft skills entrepreneuriales : Cas du " Challenge Innovation ".
  • LEBRUN Anne-Cécile, MIGNON Sophie, ROBERT Marc, La libération de l'entreprise en contexte PME : une étude exploratoire des déterminants
  • LEPAGE Fanny, CHERIET Foued, Entrepreneuriat, formalisation de la gouvernance et modes de croissance en agriculture: Étude de sept cas de grandes exploitations agricoles au Québec
  • LOUP Stéphanie, LEYRONAS Christophe, CATTEAU Olivier, Rethinking the evaluation of business plans through skills
  • MAALOUL MROUA Emna, COURRENT Jean-Marie, ZERIBI BENSLIMANE Olfa, CSR in Tunisia "post-revolution": Contextualisation of a Universal Concept
  • MAHE DE BOISLANDELLE Henri, ESTEVE Jean-Marie, L'implication réticulaire des intrapreneurs en PME, potentiel ignoré du dirigeant
  • MANI Yosra, LAKHAL Lassaad, The antecedents and consequences of entrepreneurial orientation within family businesses: Exploring the role of organizational culture
  • MARIN Aramis, SCHMITT Christophe, Projet entrepreneurial et projet de vie : l'accompagnement remis en question
  • MAUS Amandine, SAMMUT Sylvie, Une approche collective des capacités dynamiques. The case of incubators
  • MAZARI Lyes, BERGER-DOUCE Sandrine, DESCHAMPS Bérangère, Les déterminants de la légitimité du repreneur externe d'une PME
  • MEIAR Alain, VERSTRAETE Thierry, Essai de conceptualisation de la notion de faux pas
  • MILIANI Vanina, TOMA Yann, CHERIF BEN MILED Hela, PRATLONG Florent, Artist-entrepreneurs: proposal of a typology
  • MORALES Adriano Barasal, HAMELIN Anaïs, PFIFFELMANN Marie, Heterogeneity among entrepreneurs: a focus on entrepreneur's cognitive process and a research agenda
  • MOUHLI Karim, Responsibilities and ethics of the new manager in the emergence and maintenance of the post-takeover sensemaking process
  • MOYSAN Charlotte, TORRES Olivier, AUGUSTIN Bernard-Marie, Étude des états émotionnels et leurs impacts sur la santé de deux stressurs entrepreneuriaux : La procédure collective (dépôt de faillite) et la surcharge de travail
  • NAKARA Walid, MESSEGHEM Karim, RAMAROSON Andry, Product and service innovation in a context of precariousness: a multi-level analysis
  • NASSIRI Farouk, LOUITRI Abdenbi, Social objectification capacity of the strategy in EF
  • NAUDIN Annette, The significance of place in 'becoming' a cultural entrepreneur
  • OUZINI Meriem, MAATOUG Sonia, Le coworking comme moyen pour booster l'entrepreneuriat agricole. Cas des petits apiculteurs
  • PAULUS Odile, Teaching entrepreneurs to correspond withstakeholders
  • RENOUF Jérémie, The process of professional transition from hybrid to full-time entrepreneurship
  • RIVENET Nathalie, Identification of the sources of entrepreneurial opportunity in the context of participation in the mini-enterprise competition: development of entrepreneurial skills.
  • ROUAULT Frank, KHALAF Hadi, Intrapreneurship as a new way of work: an exploratory research Exploring "Work Dimensions" for Intrapreneurs
  • SARROUY-WATKINS Nathalie, MBENGUE Ababacar, Balde Cheikh LOUE Christophe, The influence of gender, age and nationality on the aspiration to entrepreneurial role identity.
  • SATTIN Jean-François, CHABAUD Didier, Working time and work-life balance of entrepreneurs: A European perspective
  • SFEIR Soumaya, A Review of Literature of Board of Directors' Composition in Family Firms to study its impact on succession planning
  • ST PIERRE Josée, BERTRAND Jacques, RAZAFINDRAZAKA Tinasoa, Innovation and SMEs: Influence of the territory on the "ways" of innovating
  • TARILLON Caroline, ENJOLRAS Geoffroy, La notation des start-ups : définition, enjeux et mesure
  • TESSIER DARGENT Christel, DESCHAMPS Bérangère, Reprendre une entreprise par contrainte : difficultés et opportunités
  • THEODORAKI Christina, CATANZARO ALEXIS, Extending the Concept of Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through the International Perspective
  • TIXIER julie, NOTAIS Amélie, Re-faire le genre au travers de l'entrepreneuriat : les femmes des quartiers comme actrices d'une nouvelle construction du genre
  • TORRES Olivier, GUILIANI Florence, KAMEI Katsuyuki, THURIK Roy, Empirical elements of an entrepreneurial salutogenesis
  • TREMBLAY Diane-Gabrielle, HUESCA DEHESA Ana Dalia, Cultural entrepreneurship and creativity: the situation of immigrant creators in Montreal
  • VALEAU Patrick, The moderating effect of openness to change on the relationship between the decline in perceived performance and the intention to sell the company
  • ZAHRANE Tarik, Le Rapport au savoir entrepreneurial : l'effet filière
  • ZIDANI Médine, MORICEAU Jean-Luc, Portraits of the entrepreneur as rapper