Apprenticeship is a work-study system that allows students to prepare a diploma while being employed by a company, under an apprenticeship contract.

The apprentice alternates - throughout the year - periods of classes at the university and periods of work in the company, according to a schedule defined at the outset by the training centre and the company. They are paid according to their age and year of study and benefit from various possible financial aids.

This scheme is available to young people under 30 years of age on the day the contract is signed.

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All levels of higher educationdiplomas are now accessible to apprenticeship: BUT, Licence Pro, Licence, Master, National Diploma, Engineering Diploma.

At the UM, more than 180 training courses are already open to apprenticeship and new courses are opened every year. To find a course in the field you are looking for, consult theUM's apprenticeship offer. You can filter by 'study regime' and select 'Work-linked training' to find all the courses open to apprenticeship.

The apprentice at the university has the dual status of student and employee.

He or she carries out two activities at the same time and alternates periods of training at the university and work in the company, according to a rhythm that can vary from a few days to several weeks, depending on the educational requirements of the training and the needs of the company.

He is monitored by two tutors: an academic tutor in the training centre and an apprenticeship master in the company. They are chosen for their experience and skills in the trade and work closely together throughout the apprenticeship to give them real professional experience.

The missions entrusted to him/her in the company will be validated by the teaching staff to ensure that they are in line with the training. This allows the student to directly confront the theoretical notions seen in class with concrete situations encountered in the field.

Remuneration varies according to age and year of training (see section below).

Would you like to become an apprentice? Don't delay in finding out more.

Apprenticeship training allows students to have a first professional experience - and to discover the profession they are aiming for - before the end of their schooling.

More than an internship, an apprenticeship is considered a real job and allows total immersion in the life of the company. It is also an opportunity to enrich your network.

Having 1 or 2 years of professional experience at the end of your training is also a real asset for getting noticed by future employers. And it is not unusual for companies to recruit their apprentices at the end of their apprenticeship contract.

The apprentice is an employee of the company to which he or she is bound by an employment contract (the apprenticeship contract). They benefit from the social legislation applicable to employees and receive a minimum wage, calculated according to their age and seniority. The years of apprenticeship are counted as full years for retirement.

Apprentice wages by age and year of training* :

*Minimum salary base for an apprentice, unless collective agreement is more favourable, figures for 2022.

In addition, the student-apprentice is exempt from paying :

  • registration fees (paid by the CFA);
  • the student social security fees (he/she depends on social security as an employee).

It benefits :

  • a medical check-up on hiring as an employee ;
  • additional financial aid - on request (driving licence, transport, housing, ....);
  • the same rights as the company's employees.

Please note:

  • Apprentices are not exempt from the CVEC (Contribution à la Vie Etudiante et Campus): 92€.
  • The payment of grants based on social criteria is suspended during the apprenticeship contract.

For more information, please consult the Apprenticeship contractsection on the website



The Centre de Formation des Apprentis de l'Enseignement Supérieur (CFA EnSup-LR) is the main operator of apprenticeship at the University of Montpellier. From the moment they are admitted to the course, it assists students with their applications. To get in touch:

in Montpellier :

Sud@lternance building
IUT of Montpellier (Bat. N)
99 avenue d'Occitanie
CS 79235
34197 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tel: 04 34 43 21 30
Access map

in Nîmes

IUT of Nîmes
8, rue Jules Raimu
30907 Nîmes Cedex 02
Tel: 04 66 62 85 90
Fax: 04 66 62 85 91

The University Common Service for Information, Orientation and Professional Integration (SCUIO-IP)

It offers individual and group workshops to prepare one's professional project.

Other CFAs

In some specific areas, training courses are provided by other CFAs: