Two essential services for your procedures

The Preventive Medicine Service (SCMPPS) and the Disability Service work closely together to help you succeed in your studies at the UM.
Their missions are complementary and they are your privileged contacts to inform you, evaluate your situation, recommend suitable accommodations as far as feasible, and monitor their implementation in your component.

The Handiversity Service

  • It welcomes you, informs you and accompanies you in your training course.
  • It coordinates the implementation and monitoring of study and examination and/or competition arrangements.
  • It participates in discussions on campus accessibility and digital tools.
  • It contributes to raising awareness of disability and its specificities within the university community.

Tel : 04 67 14 41 44

The Handiversity service receives you by appointment:

  • on the Triolet campus, ground floor of building 5: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm.
  • Offices in the city centre, Richter, IUT Béziers and IUT Nîmes.

The preventive medicine service (SCMPPS)

  • It welcomes you, informs you and provides you with medical support.
  • It assesses the disability during a diagnostic medical visit in order to define recommendations for adjustments to studies and examinations and/or competitions.
  • Its team is made up of doctors authorised by the Commission des Droits et de l'Autonomie des Personnes Handicapées (CDAPH), nurses, psychologists...
  • Examination/competition arrangements are the subject of a decision signed and notified by the President of the UM or his representative.


The SCMPPS receives you by appointment:

  •  Montpellier :
    • Campus Triolet: 04 67 14 31 48
    • Occitania: 04 34 43 30 79 / 04 11 75 93 93
    • Richter site: 04 34 43 24 26
  • Nîmes :
    • Faculty of Medicine / IUT: 04 66 02 81 96

Academic year 2022 - 2023


All requests for adjustments to examinations and/or studies must be made each academic year before 30 November via the Handy application.
Those who have not yet made a request may do so for the second semester before1 March of the current year.

In all cases, you must make your request on the HANDY application, which can be accessed via the online form or from your ENT ("schooling" tab, "Handy" label).

Do you need accommodation for your studies and/or exams in 2022 - 2023?

  1. On the registration form, fill in the "declare a disability" section
  2. First registration at the UM: fill in the online form.
    Re-registration at the UM: go to your ENT, "Handy" tab, to make your request.
  3. Contact the preventive medicine service (SCMPPS) and the Handiversity service.

What's new for exam accommodations :

(Decree No. 2021-1480 of 12 November 2021 relating to the organisation of preparatory classes for the grandes écoles and the continuity of test arrangements for examinations or competitions in higher education for candidates with disabilities).

  • This is my first request for accommodation at the University of Montpellier :
    • I must make an appointment with the preventive medicine service in order to assess my situation and define the examination arrangements I need.
  • I stay enrolled in the same course or cycle and I wish to renewing the facilities in the same way which I benefited from last year:
    • the medical visit with the preventive medicine service is no longer required. My accommodations will be renewed at the same level. If the arrangements are no longer adapted to the examination regulations, new arrangements will be proposed to me.
  • I stay enrolled in the same course or cycle and I wish a modification of my facilities :
    • I must make an appointment with the preventive medicine service in order to reassess my situation and define the examination arrangements I need.
  • I am changing my course or cycle :
    • I must make an appointment with the preventive medicine service in order to reassess my situation and define the examination arrangements I need.

Each request for adjustments to studies and/or examinations or competitions is studied by a team made up of the preventive medicine service and the Disability service. It can mobilise other university professionals who can provide an informed and unambiguous response to the requests made: teachers, schooling, SCUIO-IP. It can also call on any external partner deemed necessary (specialised establishments or services, experts, MDPH, Crous).

Study facilities

  • Access to adapted services in the BUs.
  • Access to teaching materials, photocopiers.
  • Educational support: tutoring, note-taking, support, etc.
  • Specialist assistance: rephrasing, proofreading, LSF interpreting.
  • Specialised equipment: specific software, magnetic loop, etc.
  • Provision of rest rooms.

Examination arrangements

  • Assignment of a specific or small room.
  • Expansion of examination subjects.
  • Specialist assistance: rephrasing, LSF interpreting.
  • Installation and use of technical or computer equipment in the examination room.
  • Additional time, compensatory time.
  • Examination Secretariat.

Accessibility of premises

  • Assistance with travel on campus.
  • Lift access badge.
  • Vehicle access is available on some campuses.

We are recruiting

The Handiversity Service is recruiting students to provide support to students with disabilities. You will find below the forms giving details of the missions foreseen for each of the proposed positions.
Applications for the 2022/2023 academic year can be submitted at the beginning of the academic year.

Application form

Disability focal points in faculties, institutes and schools

There are disability focal points in each component and they are in contact with the medical services and Handiversity. As soon as you receive your notification of accommodation, inform the teaching and administrative staff of your component.

Apprenticeship, continuing education, doctorate

The apprenticeship contract is part of initial training. The procedures for requesting accommodation are therefore identical to those for students on a "classic" course.
If you need specific accommodations in your workplace due to your disability, your employer must contact either AGEFIPH (private sector) or FIPHP (public sector).


Tel : 04 34 43 21 30

The Continuing Education Service (SFC) is aimed at people (employees, jobseekers, self-employed, etc.) who have interrupted their studies and wish to acquire or develop a qualification, or to enhance their professional experience.

It provides support for the integration of people with disabilities into the University of Montpellier's training programmes:

  • Individualised welcome by the disability advisor.
  • Implementation of adaptations.
  • Follow-up and assessment at the end of the course.

More information on the website of the university's continuing education service.


E-mail referent for disability

The continuing education department welcomes you by appointment:

IUT Montpellier: 04 99 58 52 71
Richter site: 04 34 43 21 98

IUT : 04 66 64 95 62

Do you want to continue or resume your studies in a doctorate?
Do you have a master's degree, are you enrolled in a master's degree or equivalent and have your disability recognised by the CDAPH?
You can benefit from a doctoral disability contract.

Successful candidates will benefit from a three-year contract, conditional each year on re-registration at the doctoral school.


Tel : 04 67 14 41 44

The UM accompanies you

The SCUIO-IP supports you from the construction of your training course to your professional integration. It has an open-access document resource centre.

A team of information and counselling officers, librarians and psychologists from the French education system is available to provide you with personalised support.

In consultation with the Handiversity Department, a disability advisor will answer questions specific to your situation.


Triolet Campus
Tel : 04 67 14 30 61

City Centre
Tel : 04 34 43 32 33

More info

Professional integration
Office for Professional Integration (BAIP) / HANDIVERSITE

  • If you arelooking for internships, jobs or work-study programmes, visit the page dedicated to disabilities on the resUM professional network (the UM's professional network).
  • Specific disability workshop
    This workshop is complementary to the other modules offered by the SCUIO-IP (CV, cover letter, interviews, etc.).

More info 

Some useful links:

  • Cap Emploi 34
    Information on the professional integration of disabled people in the Hérault.
  • Hanploi
    For the professional integration of people with disabilities in the civil service.
    Website of the Fund for the Integration of Disabled Persons in the Public Service.
    Website of the Association de Gestion du Fonds pour l'Insertion Professionnelle des Personnes Handicapées.
  • And many more links on the Pearltrees disability page.

In order to benefit from accommodations and/or adaptations of your workstation during your traineeship, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Be recognised as a disabled worker (RQTH) by the Commission for the Rights and Independence of Disabled Persons (CDAPH).
  • Be a holder of a disability card.
  • Be a holder of the disabled adults' allowance (AAH) or the disabled child's education allowance (AEEH).

Contact your host organisation and the Handiversity Department as soon as possible.

If you are doing your internship in a department or laboratory of the University of Montpellier, the Handiversity service can take care of the internship bonus.
It is up to the internship structure to contact the Handiversity service. More information on theintranet.


Tel : 04 67 14 41 44

The Erasmus + programme enables students to undertake a study or work placement abroad.

To benefit from it :

  1. Contact the International Relations Office (BRI) of your component.
    Let them know about your specific disability-related needs.
    More information on the BRI
  1. Make an appointment with the Handiversity Department to follow up your file. Together with the International Relations Department (DRI) and your component, it will make the link with the host university.


Tel : 04 34 43 23 28

Referent for disability :
Tel : 04 34 43 23 26

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The University Physical and Sports Activities Service offers nearly 40 activities, some of which can be adapted to suit the students' disability.



More info

You can also practice a leisure or competitive disabled sport activity.
More information on the HandiSport website of the Occitania regional committee

The service offers events and artistic workshops. Some events may have French sign language or audio description translation.

For any question concerning the accessibility of events, contact the Handiversity department by e-mail.


Tel: 04 67 14 48 34 / 46 65

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University libraries (BU)

The 12 university libraries of the UM are managed by the common documentation service.

It offers you equipped work spaces.

Examples of adapted services:

  • Borrowing 16 books for 6 weeks (instead of 10 books for 3 weeks).
  • Loan of digital tablets.
  • Undifferentiated loan and return: bring and return documents to the BU of your choice.
  • Collection of document packages from the BU of your choice.
  • Priority booking of a group work room and a PMR area.
  • Ergonomic tables.
  • Reading lecterns.


Email disability referral
Tel : 04 11 75 99 66

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Scholarships, social assistance, housing, catering (Crous)

Higher education grants: applications for grants and/or accommodation are made via the "Dossier Social Étudiant". There is no age limit for students with disabilities. They also benefit from three additional years of scholarship entitlement.

Catering: all the resto'U and cafeterias are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Accommodation: some halls of residence and university residences have accommodation that meets accessibility standards to accommodate students with disabilities.
Apply for accessible accommodation by clicking here.

Social services: located at the Crous and on the university sites (Montpellier, Nîmes, Perpignan), social service assistants welcome students, whatever their course. They listen, support, inform and advise students and direct them to the various existing social aid services.


E-mail (Please indicate surname, first name, date of birth, INE, sector and place of study, telephone number and subject of your request in a maximum of three lines).
Tel: 04 73 34 64 14

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Useful links

The Maisons Départementales des Personnes Handicapées (MDPH)* are responsible for receiving and supporting people with disabilities and their families.
There is an MDPH in each department, operating as a one-stop shop for all procedures related to the various situations of disability.
The existing aids are presented on the website of the MDPH of your commune of residence.

* The MDPH are now integrated into the Maisons Départementales de l'Autonomie (MDA)


Tel: 04 67 67 69 30

More info

In order to ensure that equal rights and opportunities are applied to all, each year the departments organise university transport for students with disabilities.

Who are the beneficiaries?
You will be a beneficiary if you present a valid disability card issued by the MDPH.

What are the registration procedures?
All requests for transport must be made each year to the Maison Départementale des Personnes Handicapées (MDPH) in your department.

What means of transport?
Several means of transport are possible.
For Hérault: Hérault Transports, TaM (Transports Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole).
For the Gard: TanGO

The MDPH transfers the complete file to the Pôle Transports of the Conseil départemental, which is responsible for organising university transport.

Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for reduced or free public transport passes on the TaM (34) or TanGO (30) networks.

Welcome and support, guidance and professional integration... all the information you need for your daily student life.
More information

Its mission is to finance aid for people with disabilities and to guarantee equal treatment throughout the country and for all disabilities.
More information

Information and service site for anyone concerned with disability (online assistance, thematic information, database of products and services, etc.).
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